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YAG Q-Switch Tattoo removal Permanent tattooed makeup removal beauty salon equipment

YAG Q-Switch Tattoo removal Permanent tattooed makeup removal beauty salon equipment
Product Detailed

ABS material
ISO13485&CE certification
Tattoo removal Permanent tattooed makeup removal
Removal of brown age spots on theface


Detailed Product Description

1. Purify tattoo, artificial eyebrow, eyelid line, labial line.

2. Dispel Ota, cafe-au-lait spot, freckles, pigmented nevus,birthmark,chloasma, age pigment, old-age spot, erythematic, erythematic mole, and hemangioma, telangiectasia, etc.

3. Get rid of red, blue, black, purple, palm, and brown pigmentation.



Technical specification:

Model:                     XO-200

Wavelength range:          1064nm&532nm

Spot size:                  1-5mm adjustable

Treatment head:             1hand-piece with 2 treatment tips

Pulse Duration:             less than 10ns

Pulse energy: 1064nm:      Max600mj&532nm:Max300mj

Operation interface:         4" Dual color button screen

Pulse rate:                 1-6Hz adjustable

Cooling system:              Air cooling plus close water circulation cooling

Power supply:              500W Output energy: 350W

Electrical Requirements:     100-110V/50-60Hz; 230-260V/50-60Hz

Dimension:                 400×280×285 (mm3)

Net Weight:                12kg

Gross Weight:              27kg 


Our Products Advantages:

1. Latest suppression of single-pulse laser technology together with international standard production and Strict technical testing, providing a more stable and more reliable performance.

2. Advanced cooling system with automatic protection device for controlling the pressure, temperature and circulation of water, provide a longer continuous working hour.

3. Microcomputer-controlled module makes automatic counting easy for scientific management.

4. Portable, seismic design, can be take out for treatment easily

5. Selective heat absorption, No harm to the follicles and normal skin.

6. Leaving no scar, only remove pigment thoroughly.

7. Easily accept by clients, with wide applicable range, short treatment time and perfect effect.



This laser device makes use of the explosion effect of laser, which can permeate the cuticle efficiently to the pigment mass in the derma. The laser pulses in nanosecond range with very high energy. When the laser is absorbed by according pigment, the pigment mass expands quickly and breaks into particles which are eliminated through phagocytes. Whereby the shattered pigment is absorbed by the body and excreted our. Gradually the pigment becomes lighter and lighter will disappearing.



 Removal of brown age spots on the face, chest, hands and arms and for tattoo removal.

Remove permanent tattooed makeup.


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